Silence is Compliance.

Speak out today! Fight against domestic violence and join our marches and protests to break the silence!

We stand against systemic domestic violence.

Do you want to live in a world where all crimes are hushed up, and each of us can be subject to public humiliation?

Every day, millions of people face all kinds of domestic violence. Silence breaks and changes lives, contributes to the development of mental disorders and suppression of personality. Everyone should know that:

    Domestic violence occurs not only in so-called dysfunctional families but also in families with an excellent reputation.
    The most vulnerable categories are women and children;
    About 40% of all serious crimes are committed in families;
    Quite often, domestic violence is passed from parent to child.

By joining our community, you will be able to contribute to the fight against these terrible social phenomena. In addition, we offer psychological help and support. 

Our results in 2019

We are glad that every year the voice of our community sounds louder.


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We can make a difference, let's start right now!

Are you a victim of harassment or violence? Steps must be taken to ensure that it won't happen again! 

Our organization is doing everything possible to help people who have become victims of domestic violence, abuse, sexual harassment. Making these issues public can save lives.

  • Spread of information

    We organize protests, distribute information on social networks to not keep silent about the juncture of events.

  • Support for victims

    We offer psychological services and shelter to help victims cope with the consequences of violence. 

! Abuse, harassment, violence are not just "family matters".

Cases of domestic violence cannot be hushed up, believing that family members will sort it out themselves. With the support of UNICEF, we offer legal support and shelter for victims of domestic violence.

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Join our movement to stop domestic violence & abuse.

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We are grateful to all people supporting our movement.

People who have been victims of violence need help. We do our best to provide them with maximum support.

Our organization operates on a non-profit basis. We exist solely through donations from other people. Therefore, if you are not ready to participate in our protests and public actions but want to help, you can donate. The collected funds are used to pay for the services of psychologists, psychotherapists, medical assistance to victims, lawyers, etc. In 2019, we raised $3,081,124, of which $2,998,052 was spent on supporting the victims. In 2020, $1,800,012 has already been raised. More than 20,000 people have become our patrons.


Our upcoming events & marches.

If you want to participate, click on the Take Part button and we will send you details and gathering points.

  • 14


    March Against Domestic Violence


    20 W 34th St, New York, NY 10001

    10:30 - 14:00

  • 22


    Protest Against Child Abuse


    1479 Broadway, New York, NY 10036

    15:30 - 18:00

  • 12


    Stop Abuse! September March


    1 Centre St, New York, NY 10007

    10:30 - 14:00

Thanks to your support, we continue to voice social problems!

Without your support and kind words, we would never have achieved success. We are glad that more and more people are realizing how important it is not to be silent.


Alice HammondNew York Citizen

" I donate to this organization regularly. I understand how important it is to protect those who have been victims of violence or discrimination. These people are doing a very important thing."


Tania WillsonCEO at Social Flare

"It's no secret that abuse, domestic violence and other social problems still exist in the United States. We collaborate with Stop the Silence to eradicate these phenomena."


Tom RiddlestonNew York Citizen

" The issue of domestic violence strikes a chord in me. I was able to cope with such a situation but how many people cannot find a way out? Therefore, I participate in all marches dedicated to social problems."


Stories of people we've helped.

There are real people and their lives behind every case we talk about.

I was finally able to get out of the toxic relationship.

My boyfriend mocked me, constantly insulted me. With the help of this organization, I realized that it was a typical abuse and could call it quits. Now my lawyers are dealing with my ex.

  • Illustration

    Linda Mason

    May 11,2020

Almost nobody believed us, but now my child is safe.

When I told the Department of Children and Family Services that my wife was beating our child, they didn't believe me. Only Stop the Violence took our case seriously and offered shelter and counseling.

  • Illustration

    Jason Corx

    June 22,2020

I got out of the abusive relationship and found friends.

I have faced cases of violence many times. However, Stop the Silence did give me a decent help. Yesterday I filed a lawsuit against the abuser with the help of an experienced lawyer.

  • Illustration

    Alison Erdec

    August 01,2020

Don't be silent,your voice matters.